Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Flushing High School Community,

I have had the honor of serving as Principal of Flushing High School since October of 2017.  I wish to introduce you to a truly extraordinary place.

Flushing High School, the original public high school in New York City was founded in 1875. This is not just a historical fun fact.  It is important to recognize that prior to the founding of Flushing High School, tuition needed to be paid for a student to continue schooling in New York City. The founding of our school gave birth to free public education on the high school level for all students to come from 1875 onward.  Every New York City high school founded since then, including the boutique and screened schools that refuse to serve the students we welcome with open arms -  have the Flushing High School red and black in their roots. They are able to select few because we welcome all.  Our building in the collegiate gothic style - with its soaring tower stands as a symbol that education is a fundamental human right for everyone.

Flushing High School's mission is to instill within its students the academic, social and emotional skills required to be successful in college and careers. Our mission compels all members of our teaching and learning community to engage students in rigorous collaborative work with peers, enable revision and mastery, as well as to cultivate a sense of student self-efficacy.

Within our vision, our community is committed to fostering academic excellence in all students.  This is achieved by creating a student-centered learning environment that provides a wide range of academic and social/emotional supports that aim to facilitate successful student outcomes. This is manifested in our community when students are known as individuals, receive personalized feedback, reflection is at the center of learning, and our curriculum is culturally responsive and sustaining.

Since 2017, our school has made great strides. Our graduation rate has increased 23.5%.  We have not only closed the graduation rate gap as compared to other New York City high schools, but surpassed it!  We look forward to even greater gains in the years to come!  I welcome you to come and see us in action.  Learn, visit, and work with us to cultivate Flushing Pride!


Ignazio Accardi