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Student Resource Center

"Students Helping Students" is an important concept. Peer mediators are taught to handle a clearly defined process. They act as facilitators between two peer disputants. Mediation has a goal of redefining conflicts so no one has to lose. In this program, disputants have a chance to sit face-to-face (at times their parents are presents) and talk without interruption so that each side of a dispute is heard. After the problem is defined, solutions are created. This process teaches specific life skills such as self-control, communication problem solving, critical thinking and planning.

Counselors are available from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays under this program. They call parents, have conferences and provide group and/or individual guidance and counseling sessions on attendance, cutting, academics and behavioral problems. Deans have been added to the Evening Outreach Program to make additional home contacts regarding attendance and cutting.

Flushing High School is fortunate to provide a P.M. school for the students. Almost 200 "at-risk" students have been given the unique opportunity to "make up'' an additional credit due to prior failures. The "espirti-de-corps" developed among students and staff been tremendous and has developed a more positive attitude towards learning on the part of the pupils as well as increased their desire to attend school on more regular basis.

The Greek word, "Arista'' means excellent, the adjective that best describes the young men and women who belong to our chapter of the National Honor Society. Membership in this organization is awarded to students who have fulfilled all requirements for scholarship, character, and service to their school and community.

Flushing High School is very proud of the Academy in which students are selected for this highly competitive program based upon test scores and past academic records. Students are eligible for Advanced Placement in History, Calculus, Foreign Languages, Computers, Chemistry and Biology.

All students will be programmed for a 9 period day. The students will be blocked programmed for a triple period which will include English language arts, global history and literacy skills class. English language arts and global studies instruction will be inter-disciplinary. In addition, all students will be taking art, Sequential Mathematics Course I and Regents Life Skills. Students will receive extra classes in Mathematics and Science to help prepare them for Regents examinations. All students will study a second language. The program will allow for extensive staff development, focused guidance support services and program specific curriculum development.