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Ms. Jennifer Sandtorv
Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel Services
(718) 888-7500 x2351

Ms. Mayra Reyes
Pupil Personnel Services Secretary
(718) 888-7500 x2350

Ms. Alexandra Suarez
Pupil Accounting Secretary (Admissions)
(718) 888-7500 x6147
Our mission is to foster academic, social-emotional and post-secondary success through the delivery of a relevant developmental comprehensive guidance program. We are committed to working collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, administration, parents and the community. Our goal is to cultivate life-long learners, within a safe and culturally sensitive environment, who are prepared to become productive members of society.
Flushing High School is committed to providing excellent post-secondary planning services and as such maintains a dedicated college advisor. Through our partnership with AAFE, Flushing High School opened a state-of-the-art college and career center. In addition to the college advisor, CBO partners AAFE and trained Youth Leaders work with our students on every aspect of their college planning from exploration and applications to financial aid. Visit the college office page for more information about the college process.