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Vision Statement


Flushing High School's mission is to instill within its students the academic, social and emotional skills required to be successful in college and careers. Our mission compels all members of our teaching and learning community to engage students in rigorous collaborative work with peers, enable revision and mastery, as well as to cultivate a sense of student self-efficacy.


Within our vision, our community is committed to fostering academic excellence in all students.  This is achieved by creating a student-centered learning environment that provides a wide range of academic and social/emotional supports that aim to facilitate successful student outcomes. This is manifested in our community when students are known as individuals, receive personalized feedback, and reflection is at the center of learning.


Instructional Focus:  We enable students to develop knowledge and skills related to a concept, problem, or issue and support their construction of meaning using our school-wide protocols, so our students will have a comprehensive, rigorous and coherent instructional program. 

School-wide protocols are driven, in part, by inquiry and supported by our commitment to advanced literacies and The Flushing Comprehensive. The expectation is that the following specific six school-wide protocols will be clearly seen in all classrooms and all subject areas:

Discussion Protocols:

  •  Think-Pair-Share (See Appendix A)
  •  Turn and Talk (See Appendix B)

Vocabulary Protocols:

  • Connect Two 
  • Marzano’s Steps

 Text Protocols:

  • Close Reading Protocol 
  • Annotation Protocol