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History of FHS
Flushing High School, which was founded in 1875, is the oldest public school in the city. Feeling that the time had come for the town of Flushing to have its own high school, the Flushing Board of Education appropriated the necessary funds.

In 1841, the boundaries of School District No. 5 in the town of Flushing was determined by the citizen's commissioners. Two years later a board of trustees selected the corner of Garden and Church streets, where a school house was built.

In 1848, the Board of Education was organized. The introductory statement to the rules of the board was: "Obedience to the laws of the school lays a sure foundation of obedience to the laws of the country." An example of the laws was: "The pupils are required to clean their shoes, and go in and out with as little noise as possible. Running, loud talking scuffling, whistling, and so forth are at all times prohibited."

Flushing grew rapidly and soon the number of school children overcrowded the school. At a meeting in 1873, the people decided upon the building of another school. A short time after this, the plot of land on the corner of Sanford Avenue and Union Street was purchased. Imagine how it looked. Think of square edifice, the extreme western end of the present structure, set off by itself and surrounded by green lawns and shady trees.

The school, at first consisted of only a grammar department, but shortly after was recognized by the Board of Regents and its organization was completed. It was the pioneer in it's field, and the only public high school within the limits of the Greater New York recognized by the board for eighteen years.

By, 1891, more room was needed and the present structure was built. In 1899 there were only six graduates with a faculty of seven. Over the years, the school has won a reputation and a place of honor in the boro, the city, and state.


We had 20 partnerships, some of our supporters are:
  • National choral Council
  • Arthur Ashe Foundation
  • City College
  • LaGuardia Community College
  • Queens College
  • St. John's University
  • SUNY - Old Westbury and Temple University