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The Small Business Administration reports that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They create two of every three new jobs, produce 39% of the gross national product, and invent more than half the nation's technological innovation. Our 20 million small companies provide dynamic opportunities for all Americans. Therefore, Flushing High School has created two rigorous, comprehensive three-year programs of study in Entrepreneurship or Marketing to provide our students with the tools, requisite knowledge and skills necessary to pursue this career option. The objective of this program of study is to develop a community of learners that possess the ability to acquire knowledge and skills that are needed to move an idea to a commercial reality. Students will develop an understanding of the entrepreneurial process and the knowledge and skills needed to begin their careers. To that end, students will collect, gather, synthesize, analyze and present data, and communicate effectively within the global business community. Virtual Enterprises  is a simulated business that is set up and run by students with the guidance of a teacher/facilitator and a business partner. This program allows students to experience all facets of being an employee in a firm in an actual business environment. Students are involved in every aspect of a running a business, including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing and sales, and they engage in trade with other practice firms  around the world. This simulation enables students to understand how employees, work group teams, and departments interact with each other and work together for the goal of the company. In addition, the simulation conveys the expectations of the workplace. Currently the Virtual Enterprise Program is made up of three mandatory classes of which each has its own set of deliverables in which student progress and understandings are measured. Introduction to Microsoft office is focused on developing student skills in three of the main suite’s programs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Skill development is measured by the students’ development of essential projects; examples of which include Resume, Brochure, Mailings, Business Documents, Data analysis using charting and graphing, Basis accounts ledger, Income and Investment analysis, Sales presentation, Slide shows both informative and persuasive.

Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education prepares students for successful transition from school to work and post secondary education. It empowers them to use business principles and concepts while they manage their current and future responsibilities as informed consumers and productive workers in the 21st century.

Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education is a broad, comprehensive curriculum at the high school levels that provides students with meaningful instruction for and about business, finance, and information technology.  Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education plays a major role in preparing a competent, business-literate, and skilled workforce. The program area is designed to integrate business, finance, and information technology skills into the high school curriculum.                    

Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education is designed to prepare graduates as viable competitors in the business world and for advanced educational opportunities. The instructional program begins in the tenth grade with the development of proficiency in basic computer software applications.  Exploratory experiences in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship are also included in the middle school curriculum. This experience continues at the high school level with career pathways that provide knowledge and skill development in these Career Clusters